Hyper Casual Games

Hyper Casual Games or HCG are short, action packed, card, board, arcade and puzzle games that appeal to a younger audience. They have become some of the most popular free apps on Facebook. In recent years casual gamers turned to these apps for quick and simple game play. Their popularity soared to over one million downloads in August of 2021.

This is my list of the most popular games that you can play on Facebook in the hyper-casual games genre. If you add them all up they would make a lot of fun games! Hyper Casual Games are quickly becoming some of the most popular games on Facebook. Hyper-casuals dominate the mobile apps market in 2021 and they’re still growing at a rapid pace. Interested?

Voodoo Cards: The visually styled, easy to learn, addictive, multiplayer, social card game with voodoo magic effects. Voodoo Cards is free on Facebook. It’s a great flash game that’s perfect for a social networking site. Enjoy playing this addictive game and meeting new friends. You’ll find lots of people from all over your neighborhood while you’re logged in to Facebook. Great social networking opportunities right there on your mobile phone.

Helix Jump: Another of the best selling free app Hyper Casual Games for Facebook. Get ready to have a good time playing this fun flash game on Facebook. It’s become very popular with a lot of the Facebook users. It has literally been downloaded by millions of individuals worldwide and continues to grow each day as it moves into its first week of availability on the App Store.

Both Voodoo Cards and Helix Jump to have mechanics which are very addictive. They are both free games that can either end up being very good money makers or fairly bad money makers. Either way, these games provide an incredibly fun experience with the latest viral style mechanics. With Voodoo Cards, we’ve seen an increase in the number of advertisers who are jumping on board to monetize their Facebook fan pages. This creates an environment where the fan page creators can earn money either way, by simply displaying their ads on their pages. It’s a win-win situation.

In this era of cheap and effective pay-per-play video games, it seems that mobile gaming mechanics have taken over what used to be the cutting edge of mobile gaming. Mobile gaming isn’t going anywhere, and this is especially true with the release of highly entertaining, addictive, and monetized games like Hyper Casual Games. While the gaming industry is changing, these games will continue to rise to the top, and gamers won’t have to worry about being “sold” a second game. They will simply have a great time playing it, and they’ll enjoy it for whatever style or purpose they might have for it. It’s really the best thing that could happen to video games.